Still hanging in there!

October 15, 2014

It’s been a long day but I am still alive. Lost my first against Tan (TPE) 2-7. Went back to the hotel and figured I would eat something in the hotel restaurant to be on the safe side. Wrong…. I could feel there was something wrong with the food so I stopped eating. I played my next match with nausea and stomach ache, but I won 7-6!

So next match for single elimination tomorrow at 1400, still don’t know my opponent. Line Kjorsvik is also still in the tournament so both Norwegians made it through day one:)

It is a struggle to post on wordpress, I only have 10 min at a time to do it. So no mote the pictures before I get home, sorry about that.

Thanks for reading!



One Response to “Still hanging in there!”

  1. PapaGuru said

    Hanging on in there is the goal of both life and tournaments. Great comeback, despite nausea and bellyache. Cleanse your body and soul and take on the next opponent with me calling up all the norse Gods to aid. P

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