Women’s World 9-Ball Championships

October 9, 2014


Departure time, I am leaving for China tomorrow morning. This time I am going with support from my federation, I am really happy about that. It is expensive to travel to all these tournaments, and I pay all the Eurotours myself with a little help form my club.

I will meet up with Alison Chang in Guilin and we will spend a few days sightseeing with the German girls so we can keep awake:) I find it really difficult to turn the hours like that. It is only six hours difference, but it is the wrong way for me. I need to get up in the middle of the night and being a person that likes to sleep in, it is not very pleasant. And it seems to get worse the older I get:)

Anyway, I do not know if I get my blog to work, or facebook, so I may not post anything while I am gone. I will try my best, but if nothing happens you have to rely on alison-chang.com and top147.com (Chinese)

Take care all and thank you Norges Biljardforbund!




One Response to “Women’s World 9-Ball Championships”

  1. MALDITO said

    Well good luck — hope you cash

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