Puhh… Everything happens at once:)

August 30, 2014

1909196_732518113433968_1077692033_oPortoroz ended after a loss against Ana Mazhirina and then Natalia Serosthan, both from Russia. I was so disappointed… They played really well but I did not. I fought with all I had, but my rhythm was just off. Very sad after playing so good my first two matches. That’s pool for you, I ended up in 9th place. Too many things going on in my life I think, it makes it a little difficult to focus over time.

Anyway, my week after I got home has been very busy. I have been planning the Treviso tournament, Nordic Championships, Norwegian Championships in Bergen and today I also got confirmation that I have a spot to the World Championships 9-ball in Guilin China! In other words, the next few months will also be busy busy busy:)

First I am off to Bergen friday to play the Norwegian Championships (Open) in 10-ball. After that my practice schedule towards the Nordic Championships and WC 9-ball will be tight:) Wish me luck! I will post the link to the draw in Bergen when it is done:)

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One Response to “Puhh… Everything happens at once:)”

  1. MALDITO said

    Jolie Blon !!

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