Exiting news from OB Cues! 

June 16, 2014

Get ready for OB+!!!
I got this email last week and I can now order any shaft you would like. I will off course have a OB-2+ shaft myself, I will let you know how it feels.
“We are very excited to announce the launch of a new era for our company and a new era for performance pool cue shafts. Since 2005, the design and performance of the OB Shafts have remained mostly unchanged….until now.
Introducing OB Plus Shafts:
  • The original laminated SR6 construction that we have used for the last 9 years has now been changed to a solid maple SR6+ construction.
  • All new OB Plus Shafts will come with a 100% lifetime warranty against warpage!
  • The tip end mass in the new shafts has been reduced by an average of 13%. Less tip end mass is the primary key to less cueball deflection. You reduce the tip end mass and you reduce cueball deflection.
  • The carbon fiber pad and ferrule have been redesigned for improved strength and performance. The pad on the Classic+ and Pro+ shafts is now recessed into the top of the ferrule. The ferrule material on the Classic+ and Pro+ shafts is now Linen Melamine which is even stronger than before.
  • The maple that we are using on all of the new shafts is a higher grade that looks better and feels smoother.”



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