Eurotour North Cyprus Women Open, 33rd

April 7, 2014

Plakat_ET_2014_KyreniaFinally, tomorrow I am leaving for North Cyprus!! I have been watching the girls play EC for a week and I want to play too!!!

This time it is 9-ball and we start thursday. There will be a mens Eurotour at the same time so it will be busy but good!

You can find information, results and draw on and Live stream on

I will update if I can during the tournament.

Thanks for reading and have a good day:)




Resume of the trip:

– 24 hours delay on getting to North Cyprus, had to stay in Amsterdam again!
– No luggage until late Thursday night
– Taxi for 3 hours to collect my luggage, back in the hotel around one in the morning. Play next morning off course. (Thanks Olav Skrudland for coming with me)
– Borrowed cue in my first match, 10 minutes practice with the cue. BTW Thank you Caroline Roos for lending me your cue:)
– Met Katarzyna Wesolowska ( European Champion 10-ball 2014) next morning WITH my cue but dead tired.
-Ended 33rd, dropped to 10th on the European ranking…

That was the short story, North Cyprus came and went with no internett and no joy in the tournament. It was nice to see my friends again though, especially Line Kjørsvik, Monica Webb and Marika Poikkijoki. I do not get to see them enough:)

Next Eurotour is in Austria, that must be better:)




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