Single elimination day in Amway eSpring Cup

March 1, 2014

IMG_9915We are down to the last 24 and I am watching the matches on tv in my room. I just saw Karen Corr loose 7-0 to Chihiro Kawahara with alternate breaks, I beat Kawahara 7-2 last year. That tells me that it all comes down to who gets the feel of the table first and that I am not the only one struggling. That lifts my spirit a little:)

This tournament is different form the ones we play in Europe due to many things. We have no practice on the match table, we are not used to the winners break format, we do not play round robin, we do not have shot-clock all the time, we do not have that many world champions in a tournament (Jasmin Ouschan, Kelly Fisher, Alison Fisher, Rubilen Amit, Kim Ga-Young, Pan Xiao-Ting, Lin Yuan-Chun, Liu Shin-Mei, Fu Xiaofang, Liu Shasha, Han Yu) and we are not used to playing with a big audience and also TV production. This is a different level of tournament than the Eurotours and our national tournaments an dI just have to take what I can from it:)

Crossing my fingers for my western friends playing today, Jasmin Ouschan, Kelly Fisher, Izabela Lacka and Alison Fisher. Here you can find the bracket for the last 24:



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