2014 Amway eSpring Women’s World 9-Ball Open

February 24, 2014


The draw is in. I have Pan Xiao-Ting (CHN), Rubilen Amit (PHI), Hsiao-Chi Lin and Q3. So far two world champions in my group:) There are som big names in the qualifers also, Fu Xiaofang, Shin Mei Liu…. I cross my fingers I do not get three world champions in my group. Two is enough already:)

You find all groups here: http://sport.videoland.com.tw/event/2014amway/game01.aspl

Time schedule: http://sport.videoland.com.tw/event/2014amway/game02.asp

Small presentation of the roups: http://sport.videoland.com.tw/event/2014amway/game05.asp

Google translater is a good tool for reading chinese:)


I arrived in Taipei after 20 hours of travelling. The trip went good, even my Temporary permission to enter China was easy. I had to stand in the immigration line three times in a day, but ok:)

Today we have been practicing in Mr Tu’s poolhall, had a look at the venue and we have been in the Rahoe Night market. WE are Lyndalll Hulley, Margareth Morphett and myself, tomorrow WE will be extended to also include Alison Chang and Caroline Roos.

There will be a photo shoot again this year so tomorrow we are off to the TV studio. Amway is a BIG thing over here. The tournament will be live on Videoland sports channel and today they have sent replay form last year and also a few minutes from the qualifier. I do not know of any other tournament with that kind of attention.

Updates will follow!

Thanks for reading


The venue, or soon to be:)

Practice session at Mr Tu's poolhall

Practice session at Mr Tu’s poolhall


At the night market (Photo by Lyndall Hulley)


Entrance to night market (Photo by Lyndall HUlley)


How they make the food. A bit different form Norway. Everything is outside and in plain sight:) ( Photo by Lyndall Hulley)


I can see the Taipei 101 from my hotel room, ok view in a place where all buildings are so big all you see is a wall:)

20140223_202213_resized 20140223_202233_resized

Even and Odd numbers… It took me a few seconds before I understood it said. I was looking for the sign directing you according to the actual numbers of the rooms…




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