Amway eSpring Cup next:)

February 5, 2014


In Three weeks time I am off to Taiwan again. The Amway Cup is around the corner and I am really looking forward to it. I got my Cyclop balls and practice hard to not get confused by the colors:) My brain keep wanting to hit the seven after the five for some reason. The colours get mixed up. I am going to get over that before I leave!

Anyway, it will be so good see my friends again and will try to play my best pool. I am the only Norwegian going to this world ranking event and we are 40 players in total that are qualified. We will play round robin, winner break 9-ball to qualify for the single elimination which contains 24. When I have more info about the draw and times I will let you know:) For the moment my best tip is to check Alison Chang🙂

The only sad thing about this competition is that it collides with a Norwegian ranking tournament so I will miss out on ranking points. Nothing to do about that, we have so many tournaments and when I play with the men I can not really expect anything else. I will miss a few more during the year, that’s life.


The Cyclop balls


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