Update Norwegian championship 8-ball

January 25, 2014

I won both my matches 7-3 yesterday. I was down 1-3 in the first match but was able to find my game and pulled 6 in  row.  The second match i kept it up with only a few mistakes. We are playing with centennial balls, pro cup cueball and fast rails so it took a few games before I got control of the table.

Today I play against my club mate Jason Hansen for a spot in the last 32 at 1030.

Today I lost 3-7 and 4-7. Finished 33rd.

Oh well. Time to actually see Tromsø;)

Follow the tournament here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AqMnzaZ2odqRdF9tYllKbDVRQW1PZDlmSXF3VHd4ZXc&usp=drive_web#gid=3



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