Silver in 9-ball Norwegian Championships

November 20, 2013


All medalists from the weekend. From the left: Sri Stinesen (Oslo), Ine Helvik (Svithun). Line Kjørsvik (Stoppball), Martine Christiansen (Svithun), Mila Kibsgaard (Gjøvik/Raufoss)

This weekend the Norwegian Championships for Women in 8-ball and 9-ball was held by Ask Billiard Club. We started with 8-ball and my brain stopped working for just one match… That one match cost me the semifinals and I ended up 5th. It has been a long time since I have not gotten a medal, but thats life:) Line and I actually played one of the best 8-ball matches in a long time: I broke and ran the table 1-0, Line broke and ran the table 1-1, I broke dry, Line ran the table 1-2, Line broke and ran the table 1-3, I broke dry and Line ran the table 1-4, I broke an ran the table 2-4 and then Line broke and … ran the table and the match finished 2-5. We did not miss a ball in seven games. I need to work on my break though:)

9-ball was a different story. I started with a 6-2 win over Mila Kibsgaard, next two 6-0 wins over Sri Stinesen and Kjersti Maageng Nordås. That put me as seeded no 1 in my group and I met Martine Christiansen (Svithun) in the semifinal. I played really well ,except for a fluke on the last 9-ball, and won 7-3. I also  played good in the finals against Line Kjørsvik (stoppball), but again my break was a bit off. Line won 7-2 and she played awesome.

Congratulation to Line Kjørsvik with two gold this weekend!

You can find all results from the 8ball here and 9-ball here

Thanks for the hospitality ABC. We had a splendid time:) When we arrived we all got presents and they made us full breakfast and lunch every day. Inger: Thank you:)

Also Jörgen and Anna Sandman and Arve Larsen took care of us all weekend. What a treat:)
Sunday the board of the Norwegian Federation came to watch, that was also a nice “extra” this weekend. Sunday ended with a trip to Oslo Biljardsenter to see the new place, Thanks Sri and Kjersti. The place looked great:)

Looking forward to see all the girls again next time

All the best


When we arrived there was a banner saying “Welcome to NM”:)















The ABC Billiard studio. Jörgen and Katrine Grotle in action:)
















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