Day 3

November 2, 2013

Sorry for not updating, the internett has been very slow and loosing matches do not really boost your patience:) I have one more match before I am done, that is against Erica Park tonight at 6:30 pm. I have no chance of advancing but I will give it my best like I always do:)

It has been a rough tournament for me. Day one I totally lost my confidence on the table. I just got insecure and then you do silly mistakes. Also, you have the the crowd breathing down your neck on three of the tables and off course I played on those tables my first three matches, that’s life:) Day two I had tougher competition, but played way better. Even loosing 6-0 to Liu Sasha was a better game than on day one. I pulled out some great shots in that match but I just could not finish of anything. After every great shot I was left with nothing, had to play safety and unfortunately I lost most of the safety battles. Back to the practice table:)

Time to hit the shower and get ready!



The six tables next to the tv table. As you see the crowd is really close, but at least there is a crowd:)


















The tv table during the press conference and opening ceremony

















Jasmin has her own fanclub, they are so sweet:)

















Star Billiards during the qualifiers. Marika and I went practicing before the tournament

















The decoration in the hotel lobby. It is a great looking tree, but christmas is two months away!! We also have christmas carols and decoration in the mall btw…




























The venue. It is a mall and casino


















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