Arrived in Manila

October 29, 2013


From this ( Stavanger, NOR)…


…to this (Amsterdam, NED)..


… to this (Guangzhou, CHN)..












.. to this:) Sunny:)













It has been a long travel,  but I am now in the hotel, looking out on the airport from my room. It took a a total of 25 hours and I have 7 hours time difference from Norway. I can feel the jet lag now, but I will be better tomorrow. I do not play until thursday so everything should be fine.

I have been walking around the hotel and Mall and we have a 7eleven and Mc Donalds in the hotel on top of probably 15 restaurants in the mall. The mall is actually a large Casino with a lot of high end shops surrounding it ( I cannot afford to even look!l LOL), but the restaurant floor looks good.

They have the qualifiers in Star Billiards with livestream ( ) and I will try to go there to get a few hours on the table tomorrow. If I can find it that is. If anyone have the address I would appreciate it:)

No information on the tournament yet, I will post links and draws as soon as I have them. I do know it will start thursday, it is round robin with 6 in each group and 3 to advance, it will be sent live on TV and also streamed on for free.

Have a nice day!



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