2013 Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championships

September 23, 2013


Manila, here I come again! Due to my 5th place on the European ranking I am directly qualified for the WC 10-ball. We are a total of 9 directly qualified players from Europe, top 4 in the EC 10-ball and top 5 on the ranking. Martine Christiansen is number 4 which means we will both go to represent Norway:)

I still pay most of my expenses myself, but this time I got a a little support from my federation. Everything helps, I really appreciate it:) Hopefully I can take home some price money to pay for the rest of the trip, but I would not miss out on this anyway. It is a great tournament with a great format.

We start thursday 31. october and it is a round robin format with 6 in each group. Top three in each group qualify for the single elimination. I will post links to draw, livestream, livescore etc when I have it:)

Right now most information (qualifiers etc) can be found here:



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