Busy weekend, won the tournament:)

September 19, 2013


Happy but tired after a long day in Haugesund, playing the 7th (of 9) Norwegian ranking tournament. I won, but my game was so and so. I pulled out the big shots when I had to and that was enough. Now I am up to 2nd place in the ranking with only five played tournaments. That means I get full points for the two remaining tournaments. If I win my region I will be directly qualified for the elite division, same as I was last year. I declined the spot last year leaving it to Fredrik Førde as I had so many Euro tours and Asian tournaments to play. All the ranking tournaments are with the men and I needed to play more with the women. This year I think I will accept the spot if I win.



Sunday we were downtown Stavanger togehter with Idrettsrådet. That translates to the Sports council and they are responsible for a lot of the sports activities in Stavanger. They recently got a new van and asked me if we could help with some equipment. The answer was yes and the van now has a portable pool table. Not the best table, but good enough for an introduction to pool. Sunday we had Miljødagen ( environmental day ) and this new concept with the van had its kick off. Off course Svithun Biljardklubb was represented and my day went to helping children and youth on the pool table. All that tried got a flyer with an invitation to come and play for free in the pool hall:)

Read more about this on stavangerbiljard.no

Today is the local club tournament, hopefully that will go well also:)

Have a nice day!




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