Red carpet show and The Draw

August 8, 2013

This have been some day:) First we had rehearsal for the red carpet show, the change into our finest clothes, back for the actual red carpet show, then opening ceremony and the finally the draw!

I can not upload any photos today, which is a shame, i got the full draw on my camera. We have some exciting matchups, the two most exciting being:
Karen Corr – Jasmin Ouschan
Zhou Doudou – Fu Xiaofang

I am playing against Severine Titaux ( FRA) at 13:00

I will do my best to upload the picture from the red carpet show tomorrow. It is no question this is big in China, there were several TV cameras and journalists present. We all had to go down th escalator and walk up the red carpet for pictures, then sign our own little star and put in on the official wall.

We have a new official website, But I think you are better of with wpa-pool,com. Just give Ted until tomorrow to fix everything:)

Time for bed



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