Guoao group cup 2013 women’s world 9-ball championship

August 6, 2013


Arrived safely in China and i have already had a practice session. The tables play good but the heat may cause some problems. . .  After 20 minutes the sweat was dripping. I guess we just have to dress accordingly:)

We have 4 practice tables and 16 tournament. 15 of them are placed in a place without any facilities for spectators but it is nice and quiet. The tv table is in the center of the mall. Both Line and I are in the large banner on the main arena, kind of cool:)


The venue is 5 min walk from the hotel and we have shops and all we need within walking distance.

As I am writing on my phone i will cut my posts a bit short. No blog or Facebook access in the room, only in the mall.

Updates will follow;)

Take care


One Response to “Guoao group cup 2013 women’s world 9-ball championship”

  1. Nini said

    soooo cute helvik…
    So where r u now? I’m a journalist from a Chinese pool&billiards media company….just wanna have an interview with u….^_^

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