Getting ready for the World Championship 9-ball

July 29, 2013


Sunday I leave for Shenyang, China, to play in the WC 9-ball for the fourth time. I am really looking forward to go and I am using the days upfront to practice and also make sure to relax in the Norwegian sun. We actually have had between 20 and 25 degrees for more than a week and it feels good!

I also make sure to watch some good pool on, right now it is the EC for youth that is on. Next week it will be the Seniors playing and then the Eurotour. I have to make sure I can upload all this in China:) I have been looking for a livestream for the World Games also, but the Billiard category is not on the list on the official tv livestream site. I do follow the event calendar though, they have got livescoring:) Unfortunately my friend Line Kjørsvik lost in the QF, Kelly Fisher was to strong. Now Fisher is our last Western player and I hope she will go all the way:)

All in all I feel good and ready for the World Championships. All the current  pool tournaments are encouraging me to practice (despite of the weather:)) and it is also make me go into a pool mode if you understand what I mean. The mental preparation I need to perform my best in a tournament starts at least a few days before the event and now I feel I am getting there already. For some reason people do not talk much about their mental preparation, but I think all players do this either conscious or unconscious. In my view, the mental preparation,  and off course the mental strength (your mental game on the table) are some of the most important elements of my game. What do you think?

If I get this blog to work in China I will write a few lines about my mental preparation before the tournament. I have a few days to kill by myself before the other players come. I need the time to fight the jet lag:)

The 2013 WPA Women’s World 9-ball Championship has now got an officiial facebok site that will be updated by Ted Lerner, you can find that HERE. (You need to log into facebook to see it)

When the draw comes out I will publish the links, or at least try. If I am not able to update my blog, my friend Alison Chang will update hers.

Have a good week and remember to follow the World Games!! 


PS, We will be three players from Norway this year. Line Kjørsvik and Martine Christiansen are also playing:)



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