25th in Amway and 9th in Portugal

April 9, 2013

I will upload pictures later to this post, I just wanted to let you know how I did in the two tournaments.

In Amway Cup I played really good, but Liu Sasha and Chou was too good in Amway. I beat Kawahara 7-2, but then she beat both Chou and Liu and my chances of going through the group was gone.. Tough luck, but atleast I held om to the 25th and $500 payout.


In Portugal I played really well ( 8-ball) the first day, and then the cold got to me. It was so cold in the venue we were shaking when we were on teh table. Anyway, I ended 9th after loosing for Louise Furbderg ( SWE) and it is good points towards the ranking. It is ok:)






2 Responses to “25th in Amway and 9th in Portugal”

  1. MALDITO said

    Always look at the good;
    You won some $$$$$
    You got a tune up for th EPC
    You did not get a donut on the tv table

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