Silver and… Silver again…

February 15, 2013

Ine_MartineI got silver in both disciplines, first I lost against Martine Christiansen in 14-1 and then for Line Kjørsvik in 10-ball. The balls did not roll my way and that was that. I played ok all weekend, but I just did not bring my best game in the finals.

Going home my flight was late and I missed my flight to Stavanger. That meant a night in Oslo… I was  exhausted when I finally came home monday, but it was a good weekend all in all:) We had the newspaper Firda visiting us, taking pictures and writing a good news story which you can find here:  NM  (Norwegian only)

Here are all the girls that participated:



NM Forde

Picture is taken by Firda. From back from left: Martine Christiansen, Heidi Bratthammer, Ine Helvik, Kjersti

Nordås, Line Kjørsvik, June Håndstad. In front from left, Mona Bergstø, Katrine Grotle, Sri Stinessen, Arnhikd Eiken, Helene Lyngmo.


Flowcharts can be found here:  14-1    10-ball



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