Stavanger FURY Cup and my new cue:)

December 7, 2012


Saturday 01.dec I recieved my new cue, sunday 02. dec I played my first tourmament with it. And I love it:) I had a good tournament, I finished second. The Stavanger Fury cup is a handicap tournament and that makes it quite hard to win, I have the lowest handicap. We played best of three sets, one set with 8-ball, one with 10-ball and one with 9-ball. The player with the lowest handicap choose the discipline, than the winner of the set chose the next discipline. Needless to say, 9-ball was the last discipline to be played in all matches:)

I lost the final against Rune Espeland 1-2 in sets, and won two first matches with 2-0 in sets against Kurt Moan and Fredrik Førde.

Just for the record: My Fury SDN is equipped with a OB-2 shaft, I love the combination!






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