Visit to Longoni factory

November 19, 2012

My last day in Italy, after playing pool all weekend in Treviso and visiting the Mirafiori factory in Torino, we went back to Milano and stopped to visit Norditalia, the company that among other things makes the Longoni Cues. We were invited into the cue factory and I must say I was very impressed! All Longoni cues are made in Italy in this factory and I was under the impression that Longoni did the same as almost all other cue makers, mainly got them made in China to their specifications. But no, they are really Italian made!

I went to the factory thinking that my cooperation with them would be limited to cue accessories, the famous Blue Diamond chalk and maybe some pool tables and foosball tables. I now know it will also include cues. I will make the cues available in the shop as soon as I can manage and all cues will be ordered after the specifications of the customer. You can make a lot of small changes to the cue to make sure you get it just right:)


I am quite exited by the new growth of my shop. I have changed from only offering the fundamentals to be able to offer high end cues, low end cues, all kind of accessories from Kamui to Longoni to Fury to OBcues and so on. All changes and products are not in yet, but they are coming soon!

I like being able to do many things in pool. I love to play and to meet my fellow players in my pool hall. I also like the fact that I can provide affordable equipment to both new and old players and off course that I can provide more expensive high end equipment as well. Pool is about having fun and I feel happy thinking that I have helped someone to have fun:)

Take care








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