Third place in Dynamic Italy Women Open

November 15, 2012

Picture by EPBF. Quarterfinalists from left: Jennifer Vietz (Ger), Ina Kaplan (Ger), Martine Christiansen (Nor), Me, Oliwia Czyprunska (Pol), Natalia Sherostan (Rus) and Ana Mazhirina (Rus). Far left outside the picture is Barbara Bolfelli (Ita) and in front her son Thomas:)

Sunday started with my QF against Jennifer Vietz (GER) and that was a long match. We both went to the hill and I thought I was done when she missed the 8. She left me a bank to the side and I pocketed that and the nine to win the match. That made me ran out of steam for the SF against Martine and I did too many mistakes. She went on to win the tournament though, it was a good day for Norway!!

The official Europe women’s final ranking for 2012 is concluded and I ended up on 6th place with Martine on 7th. This means we will get some spots for WC’s and international ranking tournaments next year. I only hope that our federation follow up with support so we can actually go to them all. This will mean a lot for Norway, we are now three players in the international arena, Line Kjørsvik, Martine Christiansen and myself. BRING ON 2013!

This is the last tournament outside Norway this year, bu t I still have a few domestic tournaments to play. I will keep you posted:)

Oh, I almost forgot: I am currently playing with a OB2 shaft on my Fury TP-9 and it works perfect! I was really happy with the EXII aswell, it plays almost exactly like a Z², but I actually switched to OB when I had my P2 many years ago and I prefer that soft hit.

I also visited the Longoni factory when I was in Italy, I will make a new post on that. It was impressive!

Thanks for all the support!!


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