World Championship 10-ball

August 22, 2012

Tv table














As you can see the tv table venue is spectacular here in Manila. Here it is a sport for everybody, not just for the half crazy people staying inside playing pool all weekends:) The venue is Robinson galleris mall and tha tmeans we have a lot of audience all the time. Which is good for the sport. There is upsides and downsides playing in a mall. As said, we are exposed to the public and that is very good. Personally I have a problem with the ongoing neverstopping noice… You have people talking, babies crying, music from 5 different places as once etc etc. All this make it more difficuly to focus. Add jetlag and you have problem. Which is what happened in my second game yesterday.

I played really well in my first match against B. R Jung ( KOR) I hardly missed a ball and I felt really good. Second match (back to back) the jetlag kicked in in the middle of the match. My opponent Y. T Chan (TPE) played good but left me plenty of opportunities and I could not take them. I lost 6-3. Third match (also back to back) I felt better and also played better. So did K. Yukawa unfortunatly. She played really solid and did not leave me much on the occasional miss. I lost 6-2.

Today I prepared for C. Y.  Chou (TPE, world champion teams) but it was not good enough. I lost 6-1, but I was on the table doing good jump shots and getting out of safeties. I just did not get really into the game and I need to work on my safety play. Tonight I play my last match against Rubilen Amit (PHI) and I will do my best to give her a good match:)



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