Eurotour Brandenburg -13th place

August 17, 2012

Bright and early, on my way to Berlin to play the eurotour.  We start tomorrow and finish in sunday. Livescore and results can be found on

Livestream on

Wish me luck!













I have played in this venue before in the EC. This year EC youth and seniors was held here and then the Eurotour Open and for women. It looks really good, is quiet, have plenty of space but it is hot! We had upto 35 C outside and no ac inside. Anyway, I really struggled this tournament,  I tried and tried. At least I did not give anything away for free. I played the right shots, I just did not get many rolls and in my fourth match of the day I had to give in to Jasmin Michel (GER). Next Eurotour stop is Treviso, Italy.




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