Swedish 10-ball Open – 17th place

July 15, 2012

Stockholm next! Thursday the mens divison starts, but we are not allowed to participate in both divisions in this tournament. That means that I will only play in the womens division that starts on friday. This is a womens eurotour with ranking points for the European ranking so it is an important tournament.

You can find updates and results in both divisions here: http://www.swedish10ballopen.se

The tournament

We started play friday at 11:30, I had a bye the first round. My bye led me to Monica Webb, my no one bet for winning the tournament. After a rocky first game she played flawless, I lost 6-0, fighting my best but it was not enough. One loss side I met Barbara Bolfelli (ITA) and we had a long match ending 6-5 for me. I had a few really good shots and I had a few really bad ones. But I won, that was the important thing. Last match for the evening to get to the single elimination was against Silvia Gaudino ( ITA). She played the best I have ever seen her play and I just did not get any rolls. Race to six is a short race when nothing is right and 0-6 once more. I really did not play bad at all, I just could not get the balls to roll my way. I am not disappointed with my performance really, I am just disappointed not to get to the single elimination.

Anyway, I had a really good time in Sweden and Ann-Sofie and her husband took good care of me and my husband:) We had fun! At night, all us looooosers played some pool in RoQs vip room and we had a blast. Thank you!

Monica won the tournament as I predicted and Line came third. You will find all the results and the ranking here: http://www.swedish10ballopen.se

I moved up to 8th place on the womens ranking:) http://epbf.com/sportsite/Rankings/European_Women_Ranking_2012-7.pdf

Here are some pictures, but the quality is not very good. It is taken with my Iphone and it was dark.

Monica in the semis against Louise Furberg

Line playing the semifinals against Caroline Roos

Ann-Sofie, June, Bernadette, Martine and I playing teams:)

June and I was practicing at RoQ with the purple cloth, looking good!


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