9th place in 10-ball

March 25, 2012

I won my first match today and then lost in the second round in the single elimination. That means 9th place. It could be better and it could be worse. I tend to play one good match and then one really crappy match. I need to fix that in the eightball:)

Line got bronze in 10-ball, not bad:) Actually all six players in the norwegian team was in the single elimintaion and Matey Ullah finished on 9th place also. Hopefully we can keep it up in the eightball that starts tomorrow. My next macth is at 14:15.

I will try to get some photos in later, the internet is not the fastest..





2 Responses to “9th place in 10-ball”

  1. helvik said

    Stay relaxed and alert. Enjoy.
    Papa Guru 🙂

  2. helvik said

    Can’t find my first try at a reply, so here is another. :
    Yours Papa Guru

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