European Championships!

March 20, 2012

Here we go again, It is that time of the year and I love it!

We are in Luxemburg, Hotel Parc Alvisse. They have installed 24 tables and there is livestream on all tables! The stream is by Kozoom, and you can find it here: (first 48 hours free, then 10 euro a month or 96 euro a year)

Livescore, draw, brackets etc etc is here:

10 days of playing pool. First 14-1, then 10-ball, next is 8-ball and in the end 9-ball. And this year we got the teams back aswell! I can not wait to begin!

The womens team is myself and Line Kjørsvik, the mens team consist of Kristoffer Mindrebøe, Mats Schjetne, Roger Rasmussen and Matey Ullah.  Coach Jörgen Sandman and sportsdirector  boss) Katrine Grotle is also here. Not too forget head mentor Monica Webb and the support team consisting of Bjørnar Yttersian and in a couple of days, Bjørn Mindrebøe.  This could not have been better!

Tomorrow I play my first straightpool match against Barbara Bolfelli (ITA) at 11:00. Line is third seed and has a wo first round and will play at 15:00.

I will keep you posted and hopefully the internett will allow me to post a few pictures too. I guess we are to many players using the net at the same time, this is sloooow.

Have a good night!








One Response to “European Championships!”

  1. Mark Mills said

    Good Luck Ine, I will be watching on Kozoom…. Mark Mills

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