February 11, 2012

Finally my games holds up in  tournaments! I went through my second division 1 tournament without a loss today, and it feels good! I am en route for the european championships in march!

I have had a good day:) The discipline was 10-ball and we started with round robin.  My first match was against my teammate Fredrik Førde and I won that 7-4. Next was John G Lohne from Tre måker in Haugesund, this match I won 7-3. Then Bjørn Kåre Ellingsen, also Tre måker,  7-3. In the semis I played against Christian Rosell, Tre måker and I won 7-1! I was in full control of everything until I was up 6-2 against Elkem Eisajan, Jæren ( 14 years old) in the finals. I choked completely on two (not the easiest but still!) 10-balls and suddenly the score was 6-5… Elkem let me back on the table and I won 7-5. This means that in 4 out of 5 tournaments I have won undefeated. Now I have to bring my game into the ranking tournaments for women in europe.

I am now in the lead of division 1 in my region with a total of 500 points, next is Christian Rosell with 350 points. Feels good:)

Next tournament is not until 18th march and then the europeans is on:)

Have a great day!




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