Norwegian Championships 9-ball

December 10, 2011

Photo Katrine Grotle

It has been a few extremly busy days. Normally I would write something before a tournament, but this is the first time I have been sitting down for more than a few minutes this week… I am beeing a torunament director, playing two torunaments and have been finishing of some pootables and lighting the last week…We are playing both the open division and the womens division and the women can participate in both.

In the open division I made it to the last 32 and then lost to first Anders Brannfjell, then Malvin Bjelland. 25th and ok. I am actually really pleased that i made it so far, the level is high and it is not easy to be the tournament director on top of playing.

In the womens division I lost against Martine Christiansen late at night. Exhausted after being in the hall playing and managing the tournament since eight in the morning. That ment the long road today and I won my matches 7-0 (Renate Backelin), 7-3 (June T Håndstad) and 7-4 (Mona Bergstø)

I will update again tomorrow, westart the semifinals in the womens division at 10:00

Now, watching Lines semifinals against Christian Johannessen and then off to bed! Heia Line:)

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  1. Maldito said

    Next Year 1 plass damer for you!!

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