The end.. the Chinese masacre

September 25, 2011

Sorry for the lack of new posts. When you loose you get kind of fed up with everything, but I should write something earlier. I lost both my first day matches and that felt really bad after all that preparation. I had some really bad rolls and from that Thats life. 2009: 17th place 2010: 9th place 2011: 49th place…

I was joined by some pretty good players though. Allison Fisher was two and out. Kelly Fisher was out in the group stages. Caroline Roos was two and out. Lyndall Hulley was out in the group stages.  Marika Poikkijoki was  out n the group stages. Kynthia Orfanidis was out in the group stages….. The list is long.

The last 32 did not have that many western players left and after the first round in the single elimination we were destroyed…Line Kjørsvik, Tamara Peeters, Eylül Kibaroglü, Jasmin Ouschan, Monica Webb, Brittany Bryant and Kamila Khodjaeva all made it to the last 32. When the last round of the day was over we had only Monica Webb and Brittany Bryant left. After the last 16 round we had none. They both lost their matches 8-9. Last 8 had 7 Chinese and 1 Taiwan player. Last four is down to 4 Chinese and Fu Xiaofang, last years champion, just got beaten in the semis by a Chinese we have not heard of before..  The government funded poll in China is really producing a lot of good players.

Tomorrow I will go back home and I am really looking forward to that. First we have the the finals and the banquet tonight, I might post some pictures from that when I come back home.

Here is some pictures from the last couple of days and there is also a pictures to be found on Allison Chang has done a great job! And thank you Allison for getting me the poster:) She has also taken a lot of photos from the tournament that I will post later.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

Have a good day


Jasmin Playing Fu Xiaofang on the tv table, last 32

Line playing in the last 32 against Bi Shu-Qing (fiinallist)

The draw for the last 32. Really formal:)

Marika on the tv table

The arena. Behind the red wall is the tv table


3 Responses to “The end.. the Chinese masacre”

  1. Andy Watts said

    Sorry to hear this. Take care. Andy Watts

  2. We are looking forward to seeing you again in our midst. Now there’s a full year ahead of preparations for next World Tournament. 🙂

  3. Maldito said

    Looks like there are some new kids on the block and they are real tough!!

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