Draw is done

September 21, 2011

This will be a short one, I am going to bed now. It has been a long day with practice at 0900 until 1100, press-conference at 1600 and then welcome party and draw. We were finished with the draw at 2100. You get tired of sitting there listening to chinese:)

We are divided into 8 groups with 2 seeded players in each group, double elimination. In my group from the top are: Lim Yun Mi (KOR), Indira Gowda (IND), Irirs Ranola (PHI), Pan Xiaoting (CHN), Lin Hsiao Chi (TPE), Ine Helvik (NOR), Marika Poikkijoki (FIN) and Chen Siming (CHN). I play Lin Hsiao Chi my first round at 1600.

Line Kjørsvik was seeded number 16 and she plays at 1000 against Mirjana Grujicic (VEN). Caroline Roos plays at 1000 against Yu Ram Cha and Lyndall Hulley at 1200 against Viktoria Nagorna (UKR)

The website is http://www.my147.com, but it is all in Chinese for th emoment. http://www.wpa-pool.com should also have information soon.

Have a good night, tournament updattes and pictures will come tomorrow:)





One Response to “Draw is done”

  1. Pisse said

    Nice to se that you are enjoying your selves. Tell Caroline hello from her ant Pisse. Tell her to win all the money… Hi hi. God luck to both of you!

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