September 18, 2011

25 hours of travelling and finally arrived. I met Caroline Roos in Stockholm and  Jasmin Ouschan and Mike in the shuttle from the airport. Seems we are the only ones arrived. For me at least three days of normal sleep before the tournament is a must, I only hope they have finished the practice area tomorrow so we can try the tables. The STAR table in the lobby suggest that they are the table sponsor this  year and I have not played on them before.

Sadly I do not get facebook to work, but wordpress does. I know wordpress will automatically post both on facebook and twitter, and then twitter back to facebook, but there is nothing I can do with the double post. At least I get to update you:)

I am told that and have details about the tournament, but my google translator will not translate so  I am kind of lost. I will let you know if something useful pops up. Wpa does not have any information yet either.

Tomorrow Marika Poikkijokki,  Monica Webb and Line Kjørsvik arrives, I hope the hotel will fill up so I can see the players since they are not listed anywhere;)

Hopefully I will get some good pictures tomorrow as well.

Have a nice day, i am now looking forward to a long nights sleep



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