Chevrolet Cup 2011 World Women’s 9-ball Championship

September 16, 2011

Puuhh, I hope I got that right:) Tomorrow I am flying to Shenyang, China, for the third time. First time it was minus 20 degrees, then plus 30 and now it is about 23 degrees. I think this year will be good! Three times….

I am going with the intention of doing better this year than last year. That means that the quarterfinals is my goal. I have learned a lot since last year and will fight till the end. That is the good thing with pool, you never get to old to learn something new:)

Anyway, I will try to update and post something new every day. I am not sure if this site works in China though, I might be a bit cut off. If that is the case I will write a tournament report as soon as I get back home.

The tournament starts on thursday so I will have a few days to turn the hours around, practice and hang out with my friends. I think I will meet Caroline Roos from Sweden in Stockholm aiport  and we will fly together to Beijing. I am so looking forward to meet everybody again!

Have a good weekend, I will be on the plane until it is finished:)

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One Response to “Chevrolet Cup 2011 World Women’s 9-ball Championship”

  1. Maldito said

    Good luck to you

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