2nd in Stavanger Fury Cup, round 3

August 31, 2011

Another Fury cup is finished. This time I played better than I have for quite some time, changing your stance really takes a lot of your focus and ability. Finally I got it working.  Just in time for the World Championships:)
I played really good up to the finals and then I collapsed. I know, your not supposed to collaps in the most important match, but that is just the way thing goes now and then. This is a handicap tournament and in the quarterfinals I found myself 5-0 down, race to 7, and that takes a lot of hard work. Semi I started 3-0 down and finals 2-0 down. I started behind in all matches saturday and frankly I am quite happy with only loosing the one match.

I am now in third place  on the overall ranking and in route for the final eight.

Thank you for a good tournament everybody! And for those of you interestetd in the overall ranking you will find it here: http://svithunbiljardklubb.wordpress.com/stavanger-fury-cup/ranking-og-hc-liste/


Have a nice day!















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