Roundtrip in Norway, visiting Gjøvik/Raufoss and Måkereiret

July 12, 2011

Saturday morning we loaded two pooltables in the car and sat off towards Sandefjord.  After six hours of driving we unloaded one table, then the next one in Enebakk just outside Oslo. At this point we had been on the road for 10 hours and then decided to drive two more hours to visit Gjøvik/Raufoss poolclub which just got a new poolhall.  This was their opening day and we thought they deserved a visit:) When we got there they were just starting an 8-ball tournament and I was allowed to join them.









We played race top six with handicap 0-3. I won all three group matches and then played number two from the other group. It was now three in the morning and I just could not concentrate properly. I lost 4-6, but it does not matter. I had fun:) Thank you to Jan Kjetil Nordrum, Tor Arne Jostad, Christian, Hans Olav and all the others.  I am sorry I do not have all your names. Good luck with the poolhall!



In the morning we drove over the mountains to Bergen. The scenery was spectacular, I have some pictures from the old main road from Voss to Bergen that I will post later on. You will not believe how the road is build! Here is a picture from the mountain

crossing, a little bit of rain and in the middle of the mountains there is actually snow! It is nice though, I dont think I will ever leave this country.


After Bergen we stopped in Haugesund to visit the new poolhall “Måkereiret” and Johannes Tørresdal. He bought our old tables and it was nice to see they have a good home:) We bought them from the world championships in Cardiff in 2001 and they have been with us until now. I wish Johannes all the best and hope we get some good tournaments in Haugesund:)

All in all it has been busy, but good two days on the road. Now I am preparing for the Womens 10-ball in Finland and hoping for a few days with good weather so I can visit my family in the summerhouse.

Thank you for reading:)









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