Ready to go again:)

June 3, 2011


OK,  so it has been a while since I posted something, I will try to post something more often than this. It has been kind of quiet in the poolworld, and I have been very busy with the poolhall and my shop.

Anyway, I played and was the TD in a ranking torunament for Norwegian Elit players this weekend and I was two and out. Not very much to write about other than that in my second match I played really good. I was trailing 6-0 and went up to 8-8 and then missed the final 9….  Anyway, I broke and ran 2 times (alternate breaks) and ran the table 2 more times to tie the match, not leaving my opponent much. He went on to get 9th place, way to go Lasse Høyvik:) (playing for my club offcourse)

This was my first opportunity to really try my new break cue. I just recieved a FURY SR break cue with a 10 piece shaft and it is extraordinary. I love it! I will have it in my shop shortly, I do not think it is properly released yet. And I have the pink one… I think this is the first pink item I have owned ever. But I like it:)

Next week I am off to Luxembourg to play the Ardennen cup. I play in both womens and mens division, looking forward to it. Tournament updates will come.


Have a good weekend!




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