Some days are for playing, others for preparing to play:)

April 29, 2011

Today is a day for preparing. I have now booked my flights to Helsinki in august to play the Womens Finnish 10-ball open and announced for Ardennen cup in june.  I like days like this, I can feel the thrill of the tournament already. I can not wait to play!!

I guess that with my friend Line playing in Beijing Open and Olav playing the junior championships in Lillehammer, I needed to do something aswell:) I do not get enough tournaments now, I have my local clubtournaments once a week and a big ranking tournament coming up in the end of may. At least now I have something to look forward to:)

I wish my friends the best of luck. You kan follow Olav and Line on on their blogs or at on the forum.

Have a great weekend! Mine will consist of fitting a pooltable tomorrow together with my husbond and sunday I will be back in the poolhall. Hope for some more sun in between jobs:)



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