Day four and five. 9th in 8-ball!

March 28, 2011

Another long day is over. The 8-ball started yesterday and I lost my first match against Petra Stadelbauer (AUS) with 3-6. I played ok, but missed to many key shots. My next match was today, but Line played the finals in straightpool against Jasmin, and I was not in the room before veeery late. Line took silver in the straightpool by the way:)

I have played four matches today. Erim, Latife (NCY) 6-2, Bernadette Thot ( HUN) 6-2, Latitita Dos Santos (FRA) 6-5. Latitita and me played for more than two hours and I was down 3-5 and came back. Offcourse I had to meet Jasmin in top 16, thats just the way it is. She is something else… I was thinking, Im coming back on the table, Im coming back on the table, Im coming back on the table….. no. The impossible was made possible. I lost 1-6 and learned a lesson:)

Anyway,  17th in straightpool, 9th in 8-ball, this is the right direction. 9-ball start the day after tomorrow and the only way is up! Tomorrow I will be writng protocolls for the guys, they play in the morning. Line plays the quarterfinals 8-ball in the afternoon.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!







Me, Jörgen Sandman and Steffen Wolff waiting for the match to begin









Playing against Jasmin Ouschan


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