EPC Day two

March 24, 2011

This has been another long day. We staretd with the opening ceremomy at 10 and I was taking pictures for Line Kjørsvik with her camera. Not the best pictures, but they will do:) The ceremony started with a minutes silence for the tragedy in Japan before all the officials had their say.

Silence for Japan

Line and Kristoffer Mindrebøe had the honour of representing Norway in the ceremony, and up in the corner all the trophies were presented. 11 tournaments all in all in 11 days is quite a lot and when you see the trophies it all gets visual..

The the play began at 11 and I started at 13. Today 14-1 (straight pool) is what counts and I have played three macthes throughout the day. I won my firts against Anil Emete (North Cyprus) with 65-49, the lost big time against a russian girl. Total collaps I think is the right description, but the pulled myself togetehr and won 75-10 against a gril from Portugal. I am playing again tomorrow morning at 9, so I did not wait for Line. She is still playing the winners qualification.

Martine Christiansen, Steffen Wolff and Kristoffer Mindrebøe have the day off tomorrow and will be having fun with Jörgens protocols:) Mats Schjetne and Malvin Bjelland will also play at 9.

Time for bed, up with the birds tomorrow. Thanks for dropping by:)



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