March 8, 2011

Hi everybody

I finally think I have blog I can live with! I really want to share my experiences in the poolworld, as a player, a poolroom owner and a poolshop owner. For the moment every aspect of my life includes pool and I love it!

I hope I can give you some enjoyable information along the way, from tournaments, practice or just everyday life. Please feel free to ask questions, I do expect you to be respectful though. All disrespectful comments or questions will be removed. I do have a family to think of:)

Thanks for popping in, hope you will come back.

All the best



3 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. William Helvik said

    Hi Ine.
    This is great. At last I know where to reach you !

  2. Melissa Rademakers said

    Nice website….good luck!!!!

  3. hckaland said

    Gratulerer med ny blogg!!!
    Gleder meg til kaffepause:-)

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