Post “Chevrolet Cup 2011 World Women’s 9-ball Championship”

September 28, 2011

I is good to be home. It always feels bad when you do not perform your best during a tournament. And it feels even worse after travelling half way around the world. That said, I have done very good the two previous years and I did try my best and made all the right preparations. I always try to see the positive side and I just have to take this as a learning process. And I had a really good time with my friends! I also made some new friends, I met Alison Chang among others, and that was all together a positive experience:)

The only thing I did after my last post was going to the banquet. This was a tiresome event, but important for all the sponsors and officials. They served us a 25 course meal and I think that says it all. The new world champion and all the Chinese players was there, and some of us western players. Alison got me one of the posters with the picture of Line and me and I collected autographs for once to hang on the wall in the poolhall.

Final top players:

World Champion: Bi Zhu Qing (CHN)

Runner up: Chen Siming (CHN) Now world no 1

Third place: Han YU (CHN) I beat her in  the first round last year:)

Fourth place: Fu Xiaofang (CHN) 2010 champion

Norwegian players: Line Kjørsvik, 17th place  Ine Helvik 49th place

Best western player: Monica Webb (US) and Brittany Bryant ( CAN) 9th place

We might go back to Shenyang next year, they want another two years of having the tournament. I would be happy to see it being held somewhere in the western world, I think that would change the odds a bit. We just have to wait and see what happens.

More pictures:

Banquet: 25 courses... way to much food!

Banquet: The entertainment.. Pink cowboys:)

Eating dumplings! We made some new chinese friends

Photo: Alison Chang. Me signing the board at the Red Carpet show

Photo: Alison Chang. The Press Conference

Photo: Alison Chang. Tamara Peeters and I on the opening banquet





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